The Paw Collection, by Natalie Jane Prior

During the day Leonie was a schoolgirl.
At night she was a cat-burglar. While the world was asleep, she put on her cat costume and prowled the alleyways by moonlight.
Nothing was safe when Leonie was about.

Leonie is the world’s cheekiest (and possibly also youngest) cat-burglar. Modelling herself on Robin Hood, she steals from the rich and gives to the poor. She leaves opals in Saint Vinnies bins and writes out cheques for charitable foundations. Along the way she foils the plans of plenty of real crooks.

The Paw Collection brings together three previously published stories about the Paw, in a new chapter book format, with new illustrations by the talented Terry Denton. The humour and outlandish plots, coupled with Denton’s trademark silly illustrations make the book sure to appeal to readers aged six to ten.

What fun!

The Paw Collection, by Natalie Jane Prior, illustrated by Terry Denton
Working Title Press, 2007