I've Lost My Kisses, by Trudie Trewin & Nick Bland

Suddenly Matilda felt something deep inside her chest.
A stretching feeling. Almost a burning feeling!
‘I’m filling up with kisses!’ she gasped. ‘Just exactly when I need them!’

Matilda Rose loves to kiss, but one day, much to her dismay, she loses all her kisses. Poppa is coming to stay, and Matilda is worried that she won’t have any kisses for him. She searches high and low, and, just as Poppa comes into view, discovers that the kisses are inside them. Matilda learns that kisses can’t really be lost – they will be there whenever she needs them.

I’ve Lost My Kisses is a delightful hard cover picture book. The text is simple, yet rhythmic, flowing from page to page with a gentle feel ideal for bedtime reading. The illustrations, too, are gentle, in watercolour and graphite pencil. Matilda and her family are black and white cows, with splashes of colour in clothing, butterflies and a fluffy yellow chicken which appears in every spread.

This is a charming offering which will be loved by children and adult readers alike.

I’ve Lost My Kisses, by Trudie Trewin and Nick Bland
Scholastic, 2007