Collins Australian Dictionary

Is a lactivist:

a) A strong advocate of breast-feeding as opposed to bottle-feeding?
b) A nurse specialising in lactation issues for mothers of newborns?
c) A small duct in the corner of the eye where tears flow from?

If you don’t know, then perhaps you’d benefit from the newly released ninth edition of the Collins Australian Dictionary (Incidentally, the answer is A).

Lactivist is just one of hundreds of new words included in this new edition, but the new words are not the only thing that is new, because as well as being published in book form, the dictionary is newly available online. Users can choose to find a word or definition in the print version, or by searching the full dictionary online, or through Collins’ WAP site using a mobile phone. They can also download a copy to their desktop.

With words printed in blue font, and definitions in black, the dictionary is visually easy to search, and notes on usage are added where relevant. For example, following the definition for the word gargantuan, a usage note points out that some people believe the word should only be used in connection with food – ie a gargantuan meal or his gargantuan appetite.

Whilst smaller pocket dictionaries can be handy, no home or office should be without a comprehensive dictionary such as this one.

Collins Australian Dictionary, 9th Edition
Collins, 2007