The Butcherbird, by Geoffrey Cousins

When Jack Beaumont, a successful property developer and architect, is offered a job as the CEO of HOA, Australia’s biggest home insurer, he is surprised. He runs his own successful business, but little expects to be headhunted to the new job by Mac Biddulph, the wealthy major shareholder of HOA. But Mac has chosen Jack – because of his slick image, and because he knows little about the insurance industry. Mac doesn’t want anyone who will dig too deeply into the workings of HOA. Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t count on Jack’s search for truth and tenaciousness.

When Jack uncovers complex, shady dealings, he finds himself not only fighting to unravel the truth, but also fighting for survival. Someone is out to get him – to ensure that he goes down alongside Mac Biddulph.

The Butcherbird is an intriguing novel set amidst the corporate and social life of Sydney’s wealth. Whilst this is a world which some readers may feel removed from, it sits true, with author Geoffrey Cousins’ own experiences in this world allowing him to portray it in a way which is as believable as it is absorbing.

There is suspense and intrigue, numerous twists and characters who have depth. An intriguing read.

The Butcherbird

The Butcherbird, by Geoffrey Cousins
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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