Dead Lovely, by Helen Fitzgerald

Kyle and I jumped, took cover, did all the things they do in the movies. But Sarah played her role all wrong. She didn’t hit us or shoot us or yell or slam the door or even leave. She sat down softly on the end of the bed and started to speak with a primary teacher voice and no sign of a quivering lip.

Krissie and Sarah have been best friends since childhood. It doesn’t matter that Krissie is a single man-eater who avoids close relationships, whilst Sarah is happily married to a gorgeous doctor and wants desperately to start a family. But when Krissie falls pregnant after yet another one-night stand, their relationship is trained.

As Krissie’s life spirals out of control, Sarah tries to help her. A holiday in the Scottish Highlands is supposed to help Krissie and mend their friendship – but things go drastically wrong.

Dead Lovely is a compelling read, with elements of chick-lit mixed with ghastly scenes of murder and retribution. With a mixture of first person and third point narration, and an ability to spring surprises right to the end, this hard to classify read is hard to put down and highly readable.

Helen Fitzgerald is an Australian writer now resident in Glasgow.

Dead Lovely

Dead Lovely, by Helen Fitzgerald
Arena, 2007

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