Karaoke Kate, by Dale Harcombe

“Kate,” Dad yelled, “take that karaoke machine away. I don’t think alpacas like music at all. Maybe you could sing to the sheep instead.”

When Kate receives a karaoke machine for her birthday she can’t wait to try it out, but her family seem quite reluctant. When she turns the machine on and starts singing, Kate’s pets join in and Mum sends her outside. Outside, the hens and roosters also want to join in, so Dad sends Kate further afield. As all of the farm animals react to Kate’s singing, she is forced to move time and again. It seems Kate might never find anyone who appreciates her singing.

Karaoke Kate is a cute reading book title from New Zealand publisher Wendy Pye, written by Australian Dale Harcombe. With bright animal illustrations by Jennifer Cooper providing support and interest for young readers, the text is suitable for newly independent readers of around seven or eight years of age.

Harcombe’s story is a fun read which kids will enjoy reading, whether for homework or for private reading pleasure.

Karaoke Kate, by Dale Harcombe
A Sunshine Books title from Wendy Pye, 2007