Yin's Magic Dragon, by Lan Siew Mei

No one else apart from Yin knew that Dragon lived in the garden. If anyone should peep out the window, all they would see was Yin riding the kitchen broom.

Yin is an only child who lives with her parents and Grandmother. She also has a dragon living in her backyard; her special friend who no one else can see. Sometimes, when it is sad, the dragon’s spots change colours, but when Yin’s Grandmother has to move out, the dragon disappears altogether. Yin thinks it has gone forever, but time proves that the dragon is very wise indeed.

Yin’s Magic Dragon is a beautiful chapter book for children aged 5 and over, with a blend of fantasy and gentle message. Children will love the novelty of a pet dragon, and relate to Yin’s transitions of starting school and separating from loved ones.

An ideal book for sharing between adult and child, the illustrations, particularly the wrap-around cover picture, are delightful.

Yin’s Magic Dragon, by Lan Siew Mei, illustrated by Lak-Khee Tay Audouard
black dog books, 2007