Kaleidoscope, by Dale Harcombe

Kaleidoscopeis, just like the children’s toy for which it is named, an unexpected delight. Behind an unassuming (though attractive) cover lies an array of beautiful poetry, with each turn of the page providing a new perspective and a new delight.

From the title poem which captures the magic of the kaleidoscope and the new perspective it offers, to the bittersweet (but oh so real) twist in Hopscotch – which opens by describing the innocent delight of a game between two girls then turns to show the cruelty those same girls can show to a third – and from poems about war to one about a dramatic moon rise, poet Dale Harcombe offers insight and reflection to readers, who must pause to absorb each new observation.

This little offering is a delight, both for poetry lovers and for those who perhaps don’t ordinarily read poetry, as the poems are accessible to all.


Kaleidoscope, by Dale Harcombe
Ginninderra Press, 2005