Stories from Country, by Bob Randall, as told to Susan Haworth

Stories from Countryis a beautiful and important collection of stories. Uncle Bob Randall is a well-known, well-loved and well-respected Aboriginal song-writer and story-teller. Here he shares his stories, as told to Susan Haworth. Some of the stories of events from his childhood and youth, others are fictional stories based on real events or cultural events and the final story is fictional story of a cultural process about which the real events cannot be spoken. Also included are some of Uncle Bob’s songs.

The stories are a real mixture. There are moments of laughter, of excitement and of great sadness. Some stories leave readers pondering, while others bring a smile. What is common is the feeling of walking with Uncle Bob, or sitting with him as he tells of his life. Reading the book feels like a privilege.

Badged as children’s fiction, this is a book which is equally suitable for readers young and old. It should find a place in classrooms and school libraries, but should also be enjoyed for private reading.

Stories from Country: My Pony Hooky and Other Tales, Bob Randall as told to Susan Haworth
ABC Books, 2007