Moo, Purr and Roar, by Alison Lester

I see a tawny lion
A prickle in his paw
What do you say, tawny lion?
Roar Roar Roar

I see a spotty dog
Who always makes me laugh
What do you say, spotty dog?
Arf Arf Arf

These three delightful small format hardcover offerings will delight babies and toddlers. Each title includes verses about animals, each animal given a double page spread – one page with a verse about the animal, the second with an illustration of the animal, and the sound that it makes.

The three books each focus on a different group of animals – Roar is about wild animals, Purr is about pet animals and Moo is about farm animals. With cute pastel illustrations, fun but gentle verses and animal noises which youngsters can join in with, these little offerings will be loved by young children and make story time interactive.

Very cute.

Roar: Talk to the Wild Animals
Purr: Talk to the Pet Animals
Moo: Talk to the Farm Animals
All by Alison Lester
ABC Books, 2007