Oddball, by Janeen Brian

“You think you’re so funny,” I yelled, “but I’ll beat you.”
I saw his eyes shrink to the size of peas. Just like what was happening to my insides.
“Next Monday,” I went on. “Best of three.” Who was talking? Who’d taken control of my mouth and was saying those killer words?
“You’re on, Tranter.”
It was me. I was saying them, and everyone was listening. I’d just stepped into a big pile of poo.

Sol can’t believe what he’s hearing. His own voice challenging the school bully, Aggo, to a game of handball – and promising to beat him. Now Sol has a week to figure out just how to go about it. He’s doomed

Oddball is a humorous story, part of Walker Books’ new Lighting Strikes series. Whilst there is plenty of humour and action, there is also exploration of some serious issues, including the loss of a pet, friendship, bullying and family relationships, as well as self-confidence. Sol is a likeable main character and the story moves quickly so that readers of any ability will be engaged.

A fun and engaging read.

Oddball, by Janeen Brian
Walker Books, 2008