'Sun' and 'Star' by Natalie Jane Prior

This is where the sun shines…

This is what the star sees…

Sun and Star are two small format hardbacks from ABC Books. Sun shows the sun rising and some of the baby animals it shines on. The sun shines on seals, birds, bees and more. Each baby animal is entreated to ‘Rise and shine!’ and to welcome in the morning in their own special way. Last of all, the sun shines into a house on drowsy children. They jump into bed with Mum and Dad and together welcome the day. Sun is a welcome to the morning, and Star is saying goodnight. First, it sees a sailor’s cat and bids it goodnight. Sheep, a glow-worm, a dog and a teddy are all watched by the star as they settle to sleep. Each is gentled to close their eyes for the night. Then it is baby’s turn. ‘Hush, little baby. Close your eyes. Goodnight.’

Sun and Star are simply beautiful. The gentle rhythms of Natalie Jane Prior’s words float along on gentle watercolours through a range of landscapes. The same sun, the same star, look down on town and country, winter and summer, mountain and ocean. Sun shines on rocky ocean and wakes seal pups, shines in a forest and wakes the songbirds. A variety of environments are presented with the animals that live there. Each is greeted with a reminder-rhyme to do their bit in waking up the day. Star journeys through similar, but not the same landscapes to turn down the glow and calm the dog. Both use gentle rhythm and repetition. Recommended for late lie-in-bed mornings, and early peaceful nights.

Sun & Star Natalie Jane Prior Ill Anna Pignataro
ABC Books 2008
ISBN: Sun: 9780733322433
Star: 9780733322440