The Case of the Diamond Shadow, by Sophie Masson

Friends Daisy Miller and George Dale live in Thornton, a village in the English countryside. Both long for a more exciting life. First Daisy secures a post with a rich and eccentric Australian woman, Mrs Peabody and moves to London, then George seizes his opportunity too. Daisy finds her new duties allow her ample time to get to know London. She also spends time with dashing and attentive young Frenchman, Victor. She is quite entranced by all the perks of her new life, including the chance to meet famous people like movie star, Olivia Marlow. But who is ‘The Shadow’, who sends cards to his intended victims detailing the time and location he intends to rob them? Both Daisy and George, helped and hindered by their employers find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery. Sitting at home in their quiet English village, they had never have imagined quite such an exciting life!

The Case of the Diamond Shadow is a fast-paced, compelling mystery, set mostly in London of the 1930’s. Teenagers Daisy and George are good friends, with just a frisson of more hinted at (at least on George’s part). Both are employees of Miss Grantley’s Typing Bureau. Daisy is bright and enthusiastic and a fan of the movies. She is eager to sample life. George is painted as responsible and reliable, although a passionate fan of a famous detective and the books he writes about his cases. The action quickly moves away from their quiet home town, to the bustle and excitement of a posh London hotel. The narrative alternates between the two main characters, both told in third person. Styled like an Agatha Christie story, The Case of the Diamond Shadow is a twisting-turning-twisting mystery, with plenty of subtle humour. Recommended for 12+ readers.

The Case of the Diamond Shadow

The Case of the Diamond Shadow, Sophie Masson
ABC Books 2008
ISBN: 9780733323300

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