Audrey Goes to Town, by Christine Harris

Audrey Barlow bounced as the wheels of the wooden cart hit a pothole. Although the floor was padded with blankets and what was left in the food bags, each bump jarred Audrey and her brothers.
Douglas fell sideways, giggling. He was only three, so he giggled at nearly everything.
‘Sesiting, isn’t it?’ said Audrey.

Audrey has never been to town, and she can’t wait to get there. There will be houses and trains and even cars. But she isn’t so sure about staying with Mrs Paterson, a strict old lady who looks like a burnt stick. When Dad and Price go off dogging, the rest of the family must board with Mrs Price. Then Mum falls ill and Audrey and her little brother Dougie are alone with Mrs Paterson.

Mrs Paterson’s project is to try to turn Audrey into a lady – and Audrey’s project becomes finding something good about Mrs Paterson. Fortunately, Audrey has new friends to make her life easier.

Audrey Goes to Town is a funny tale of outback life. Audrey is a likeable main character – honest and with a humorous take on life, she is also compassionate. Even the dour Mrs Paterson can’t help but like her, even if it takes time.

A sequel to Audrey of the Outback, this story stands alone, likely to be equally as enjoyable to a reader new to the series.

Lots of fun.

Audrey Goes to Town

Audrey Goes to Town, by Christine Harris
Little Hare, 2008

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