The Greatest Sheep in History, by Frances Watt

Ernie Eggers hurried along High Street on Thursday afternoon, his bright green cape billowing behind him. When he heard the clock on Baxter town hall strike four, he gave a sigh of relief. Phew! He’d been worried that he’d be late.
Further up the street, he could see his sidekick, Maud, already waiting outside number 32, the headquarters of the Superheroes Society (Baxter Branch).

There is to be a National Superheroes Conference and all the members of the Baxter Branch of the Superheroes Society are going. Ernie and Maud are particularly excited as this will be their first conference. The conference is all they expect and more, full of glittering superheroes and their fascinating sidekicks. It’s all so glamourous that Maud begins to feel a little insignificant. Then the conference is invaded by a very large chicken, who steals speakers notes and generally terrorises the gathering. Add a television super superhero and a bright red balloon and maybe it will Ernie and Maud’s chance to shine.

The Greatest Sheep in History is the third instalment in the series featuring these fledgling superheroes. Each title blends reality and imagination in a giggle-full adventure. Ernie and Maud are superheroes blessed with innocence and bravery in equal measures. They breathe fresh life into the slightly-jaded world of the Baxter Branch of the Superhero Society. The adventure is told in third person, from Ernie’s perspective. Ernie’s narration allows the reader to experience his world but also sometimes to see beyond his interpretation. Ernie and Maud are friendly and accessible heroes and demonstrate that sometimes bravery comes from the most unexpected actions. Very funny. Judy Watson’s black and white illustrations enhance and extend almost every opening. Recommended for middle primary readers.

The Greatest Sheep in History (Extraordinary Ernie and Marvellous Maud)

The Greatest Sheep in History , Frances Watt ill Judy Watson
ABC Books 2009

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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