he Pocket Dogs Go On Holiday, by Margaret Wild & Stephen Michael King

“Home time,” said Mr Pockets, so they went back down the beach to collect Mr Pocket’s coat.
But while they’d been on the rocks, the tide had come in. The kennel castle was gone – and so was Mr Pocket’s very big coat!

Biff and Buff have always loved being Mr Pockets’ very own pocket dogs. When Mr Pockets takes them on a holiday by the sea, they love travelling in his pockets. But when Mr Pockets takes the coat off to play on the beach, something dreadful happens and the coat disappears. Mr Pockets says they will buy a new coat – but there isn’t a coat with the right style and pockets. Biff and Buff wonder if they’ll ever be pocket dogs again – until they remember that sometimes things washed out to sea can be washed back in again.

The Pocket Dogs Go on Holiday marks the delightful return of the much loved little dogs to the picture book scene. Just as in The Pocket Dogs there is whimsy, adventure and a gentle story line. Stephen Michael King’s beautiful water colour with black ink outlined illustrations are gorgeous and bring to life the adventures and imaginings of the little dog, capturing the gentle tone of the story perfectly.

A perfect picture book.

The Pocket Dogs Go on Holiday

The Pocket Dogs Go On Holiday, by Margaret Wild and Stephen Michael King
Omnibus, 2008

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