Zoltan the Magnificent, by Bob Graham

Jack never saw much of his Dad, who left early for work and got back late at night. Sometimes Jack got up to see his Dad.
‘Never enough time,’ said Dad, and was gone.
Just a cold teabag left behind in the kitchen sink.

Jack doesn’t see much of Dad – and when he does, Dad seems to be impatient and not much fun. So, when the family goes on holiday, Jack think it’s Mum who will be the most fun. But as Dad unwinds, Jack sees an unexpected side of Dad. Perhaps Dad can be fun, after all. Dad, too, learns from Jack and the rest of the family, and learns to take life a little less seriously.

Zoltan the Magnificent is a lovely tale of family togetherness and rediscovery. The events of the family holiday are told in detail, with tricks played, adventures had and lessons learnt all featuring – from peas rolling across the floor of a restaurant, to walks on the beach and family entertainment – with the reader privileged to observe these scenes, through Bob Graham’s delightful word-pictures and his whimsical illustrations. First published in 2004, Zoltan the Magnificent has been reprinted to be available to a new young audience.

Zoltan the Magnificent

Zoltan the Magnificent, by Bob Graham
Lothian, this edition 2008, first published in 1994

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