My Baby love, by Meredith Costain & Beatriz Martin Vidal

Come to me, my baby love,
my morning child,
my bright-eyed dove…

This beautiful hard cover book is an absolute treasure – a wonderful synthesis of text, illustration and design.

The text is apparently simple – a mother’s voice taking her baby through typical daytime events –waking up, playing, feeding, bathing and going to sleep. This apparent simplicity, however, is actually proof of masterfully wrought poetry, which flows from page to page with a gentle rhythm and unobtrusive rhyme, to produce a perfect read aloud poem for bedtime or any time.

The illustrations present exquisitely realistic babies and mothers (a different pair for each new activity), with whimsical fantasy elements showing the activities in a new light. At bedtime, for example, the baby swings safely from mother’s long braids, being rocked to sleep as mother watches, reclining above on a crescent moon.

The design, too is important., with the cover wrapped in a translucent plastic film, with title and illustration on the wrap, and background illustrations on the hardcover beneath. Inside, the text weaves and sways its way from beginning to end.

These three elements combine to produce a book which is sheer delight and will be loved by both mothers and children, withstanding repeated readings to become a firm favourite.


My Baby Love

My Baby love, by Meredith Costain & Beatriz Martin Vidal
Lothian, 2009

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