A Bit of Company, by Margaret Wild & Wayne Harris

No one rang the doorbell. No one came to play.
Sometimes Christopher felt so lonely he wanted to scream…
and scream…

Christopher is lonely. His mother is busy with baby triplets, and Christopher is left to his own devices. Sometimes he peeps through the fence at his neighbour Molly MacNamara and wants to say hello. Little does he know that Molly is also so lonely she could scream – until the day that she does just that. Her scream brings Christopher running and soon the pair has become firm friends.

A Bit of Company is a wonderful story of friendship, capturing the feeling of being left out that many older siblings feel when new babies arrive. Fist published in 1991, this classic has been rereleased by Walker Books, making it available for a new group of youngsters.

With gentle text by maestro Margaret Wild, and gorgeous illustrations by Wayne Harris, this is a book that kids will ask for over and over, and adults will enjoy reading aloud.


A Bit of Company

A Bit of Company, by Margaret Wild and Wayne Harris
This edition Walker Books, 2009

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