Gladiatrix, by Rhonda Roberts

The surge cut out abruptly. The feeling of being lifted forward was replaced by the sensation of dropping. Falling. Towards something green.
Then I realised I was falling! The green was a grassy field far below me.

A scream forced itself out of my mouth and my body went into red alert.

Kannon Jarratt doesn’t know who she really is. When she was just two she was left for dead in a cave in the Australian bush. Now, twenty years later, her adoptive mother is dead and a new lead to her identity has emerged. Could she be the long-missing daughter of US Time Marshal, Victoria Dupree?

Kannon is determined to meet Victoria , and, in spite of her fear of flying, is soon bound for the US. But nothing prepares her for just how far her journey will go, when she finds herself thrust back through time to ancient Rome, where Victoria has gone missing. To find and rescue her mother, Kannon must become a gladiatrix, and fight to the death in the arena.

Gladiatrix is an action-packed time travel adventure, set both in an alternate present and in the past, allowing readers a glimpse of Ancient Rome as well as some of the implications of time travel.

The first in a series, Gladiatrix combines action and adventure with some moments of humour.


Gladiatrix, by Rhonda Roberts
Harper Voyager, 2009

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