Friends for Keeps series, by Emma Quay & Anna Walker

Come and play with Panda, Owl and Sheep!

Friends can come in all shapes and sizes and in this gorgeous trio of books, the three characters, best friends, are a sheep, an owl and a panda, showing how friends play, get along and share.

Each book is a simple story. In Jump Over the Puddle Panda and Owl help Sheep to conquer her (his?) fears about trying something new – jumping over the puddle. In Let’s Play House the three friends build a cubby using a blanket. But when the cubby isn’t big enough they invent a new game. And in Yummy Ice-Cream, Sheep and Panda share their ice-creams with Owl, who doesn’t have one.

All three books are illustrated using gentle watercolours and collage of patterned fabrics. Gentle pastels colours complement the gentleness of the stories. The three characters are nicely non-gendered, both in text clues and in their appearance, so that readers can decide for themselves if they are boys or girls.

These lovely books can be enjoyed individually, but young readers will also enjoying the familiarity of having all three.


Jump Over the Puddle (Friends for Keeps)

Jump Over the Puddle

Let's Play House (Friends for Keeps)

Let’s Play House

Yummy Ice-Cream (Friends for Keeps)

Yummy Ice-Cream

all by Emma Quay and Anna Walker
Scholastic, 2009