Cupid's Arrow, by Isabelle Merlin

‘Sure, Mum,’ I said, mock-meekly. ‘I promise you I’ll never be smart again,’ and then we both laughed. The sudden excitement of this unexpected trip to France was bubbling up in us. For a moment we quite forgot the terrible event that had actually set all this in motion.

Fleur Griffin is haunted by terrible nightmares, but when her mother unexpectedly inherits the library of a French author, the nightmares are forgotten in the excitement of a trip to France. Once she’s there, though, the nightmares come back. When she’s awake, Fleur is having a wonderful time – including a chance meeting with a boy – but when the nightmares start to intrude into her waking hours, Fleur doesn’t know what to believe.

Cupid’s Arrow is a blend of mystery and romance with a touch of fantasy. Aimed at teen girls, the foreign setting and mystic elements will appeal. The French town where the action takes place – Avallon – is linked with the legend of King Arthur – and the murder mystery is partially connected to this legend.

An additional element likely to appeal to teens is the extension of the story beyond the book, with a website at

Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow, by Isabelle Merlin
Random House, 2009

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