Genius Wars, by Catherine Jinks

‘Back seat,’ Saul instructed.
‘Oh, but-’
‘In the back, please.’
Cadel complied, mutely. He remained silent as Saul slipped behind the wheel, started the engine and pulled away from the kerb. Only when they were heading down Barker Street did Cadel finally remark, ‘You’re not sending me to a safe house, are you?’
‘I’m sorry.’ Saul’s voice was tight. ‘I have to. Prosper’s in Sydney.’
‘In Sydney?’
The news was like a punch. It was hard to absorb.

At last Cadel has a life of near normalcy. He has a family who love him, good friends and is studying at university. He thinks he can put his past behind him. But when prosper English is spotted back in Sydney, Cadel’s newfound peace is threatened. He must find Prosper before Prosper’s net closes on him, and before those he loves most are hurt.

The Genius Wars is the third and final title in the Genius trilogy and, like its predecessors, offers high-interest, high-tech action, aimed especially at tech savvy teens who will love the combination of strong, eclectic characters with at technology rich story line. Cadel and his genius friends offer a view of the world which, whilst removed from the lives of most readers, is at the same time fascinating and unpredictable. At times their insecurities and issues seem run of the mill – but at others, they are anything but.

The Genius Wars is best read by those who have read the previous offerings, Evil Genius and Genius Squad but could also stand alone.

The Genius Wars (Genius Trilogy), by Catherine Jinks
Allen & Unwin, 2009