Sarah's Heavy Heart, by Peter Carnavas

Sarah knew the heavy heart would always be hers to carry.
She wished it wasn’t so heavy.

Sarah has a heavy heart, so heavy that doing everyday things like sleeping or going to school is really difficult. But one day she meets a boy whose heart is too light, and Sarah comes up with a solution that will help both of them live better lives.

Sarah’s Heavy Heart is a touching tale of friendship and love, told with minimal text and whimsical illustrations. Sarah’s heart dwarfs her in every illustration, but by the end of the story moving it has become easier thanks to her teamwork with her new friend. His light heart, which floats like a balloon, is likewise helped by being tethered to Sarah’s heavy one. the message, though, is not purely whimsical – text and illustration together give a simple yet important message about the magic of friendship.


Sarah's Heavy Heart

Sarah’s Heavy Heart, by Peter Carnavas
New Frontier, 2009

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