f2m, by Hazel Edwards & Ryan Kennedy

Tick the box. M or F.
Male or Female are the only options ‘ordinary’ people know about. M for Male. F for Female. You’re one or the other. But what if you’re not? Like me. As I’m finding out.

Skye has just left school and, like lots of teens, doesn’t really know what she wants to be. But before she can make that decision, there is a harder decision to make – just who she wants to be. Is she Skye, full time punk, part time guitarist for an all-girl band? Or is she really Finn, a boy trapped in a girl’s body?

f2m is a ground breaking young adult novel, exploring the issue of female to male gender transition through the eyes of a first person narrator undergoing this process. Co-author Ryan Kennedy is able to create a plausible protagonist, drawing on his own experiences of transitioning to help shape Finn’s story – though it must be stressed that the story is not autobiographical.

As well as dealing with a little-explored issue in an open way, f2m also addresses other issues including family loyalty and support, friendship , self-identity and acceptance. Teen readers will be drawn into Finn’s story.

f2m, by Hazel Edwards & Ryan Kennedy
Ford St, 2010

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