Pilot & Huxley and the Holiday Portal, by Dan McGuiness

I can’t believe we get zapped to another world, make friends with a girl who can change into a monster , sae the world from a giant, then vanquish an evil alien race… only to get sent to Fruit-town!

Pilot and Huxley and the Holiday Portal is the second instalment in the adventures of these two computer-game-loving friends. In their first adventure they made a new friend, Brett, and she accompanies them as they travel from Fruit-town on their journey towards home. Mistakes and accidents see them meet Tentpeg, a zombie from another realm where everything is reversed, eg zombies are nice, snowmen are not. Faster than a speeding pinball, the four are bounced from world to world, disaster to disaster. This is a graphic novel, in full colour on black pages.

Pilot and Huxley and the Holiday Portal is a wild ride through bizarre worlds where nothing is as it seems. Appearances are almost always deceptive, except when they’re not. The title characters are here, but like many computer games, they’ve gathered ‘tools’ on their way that will help them in the future (if they only but knew). The ‘tools’ are the extra characters, Brett and Tentpeg. The world is ever-expanding and the pace zings. Everything they know is upside-down and inside-out, but like the game-players they are, they push onwards, looking for the way home. Recommended for mid-primary readers and beyond. Sure to be a hit with reluctant readers and gamers.

Pilot and Huxley and the Holiday Portal (Pilot and Huxley)

Pilot and Huxley and the Holiday Portal , Dan McGuiness,
Omnibus Books 2010
ISBN: 9781862918498

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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