Wibbly Wobbly Street, by Trudie Trewin & Cheryl Orsini

Wibbly Wobbly Street wound up and down, thin and out, right and left and everywhere in between.
It was a peculiar street full of peculiar happenings.
And the people who lived there liked it just the way it was.

All of the streets in Squareton are straight and smooth and wide, and flat and trim and tidy – except Wibbly Wobbly Street. True to its name, Wibbly Wobbly Street wibbles and wobbles all over the place – and that is exactly how the people who live there like it. But the Mayor and the Councillors of Squareton don’t like it – and they decide it must be straightened.

Wibbly Wobbly Street is a hilarious picture book about nonconformity and the fun of being different. It is also just a plain silly story of street-straightening and a celebration of language. Author Trudie Trewin has fun making up words (rectangle-fied and wibblectomy, for example), and using real words for maximum fun – hopscotch, askew, wibbliest and more. The text also wibbles and wobbles to emphasise the meaning, and the illustrations, by Cheryl Orsini, wibble and wobble too, with whimsy and fun on every page.

A delightful tale.

Wibbly Wobbly Street

Wibbly Wobbly Street, by Trudie Trewin and Cheryl Orsini
Scholastic, 2010

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