The Feel Good Body, by Jennifer Fleming & Anna-Louise Bouvier

I ask if a lifetime of body wobbles and poor posture means it too late to correct any problems. ‘It’s never too late. Like anything, the earlier you start the better, because there’s less wear and tear. But every aspect of your muscle system can be activated and improved at any age.’

If your back is bent, your belly is spreading, or you suffer from recurring headaches, you may feel that you are never going to get on top of these niggles. But this little offering is, as the title suggests, a guide to feeling – and looking – great.

The Feel Good Body offers a seven step program to easing aches and looking great. Putting it into place is relatively easy – though it does require some focus on making one change to the way you do things every three days. Including changes to the way you walk, sit, stand and more, each change is aimed at helping your body function at its optimum.

Supporting the program is straight forward background to why it was developed and why it will work, along with anecdotes and tips to motivate and keep on track. From the co-author of Spotless, Jennifer Fleming, and physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier, this straight forward guide is accessible and inspiring.

The Feel Good Body: 7 Steps to Easing Aches and Looking Great

The Feel Good Body: 7 Steps to Easing Aches and Looking Great, by Jennifer Fleming & Anna-Louise Bouvier
Harper Collins, 2010

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