The Dragon's Lie by Kym & Oliver Lardner

Once in a zoo a small boy stood outside the dragon’s cage, asking questions…

When a boy meets a dragon kept in a cage in the zoo, he is puzzled. This dragon is not like the dragons in his books. He asks the dragon why it doesn’t fly, or blow smoke, and why it is no longer powerful. The dragon explains that without the prince and his cousins to fear him and believe in him, there is nothing left for him to do but stay caged. When the boy offers to take him home, the dragon gladly accepts, and the pair leave the zoo together.

This is a delightful tale of friendship, belief and empowerment. Young readers will enjoy discovering and discussing the dragon’s situation, past and present, and the surprise of realising that the cage which holds the dragon is not locked meaning he could have escaped sooner, but didn’t. They will also enjoy the gorgeous manga-inspired illustrations, which contrast the modern world with the ancient. Whilst the zoo features bamboo groves and cages with pagoda roofs, in the background is a very modern city, and as the pair leave the zoo they cross at the lights.

The Dragon’s Lie is a gorgeous offering from father-son pairing of author Kym Lardner, and illustrator Oliver Lardner.

The Dragon’s Lie, by Kym Lardner and Oliver Lardner
ABC Books, 2010
ISBN 9780733325229

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