The Wildkin's Curse, by Kate Forsyth

Next shall be the king-breaker, the king-maker,
Though broken himself he shall be.

Zedrin, Merry and Liliana are very different – Zedrin is a starkin lord, Merry is a hearthkin boy and Liliana is a wildkin girl – yet the three must journey together on a perilous, secret mission to rescue a Princess.

Princess Rozalina is a powerful enchantress and a wildkin princess, cruelly imprisoned in a crystal tower. Her three rescuers must use all their combined skills to rescue her.

A companion to The Starhorn Tree, The Wildkin’s Curse is an exciting fantasy tale set in a magical world filled with magic, heroes and villains, about the power of stories. With a diverse cast of characters, both likeable heroes and clearly portrayed villains, this will delight young fantasy fans.

The Wildkin's Curse

The Wildkin’s Curse, by Kate Forsyth
Pan Macmillan, 2010

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