When Courage Came to Call, by LM Fuge

We do our work under the cover of darkness.
If you trust me, I will trust you.
We work for the good and safety of Zamascus. This will include killing.

Imm and Saxon have a childhood growing up in Zamascus, until the night that the unthinkable happens and everything changes. Suddenly Zamascus is at war – a war which comes out of the blue and leaves them scurrying to survive amongst the ruins of their city. They make friends with other young survivors and wonder what to do next. Then they meet Knight, a stranger who recruits them to his team, fighting for Zamascus. But as Imm comes to question who Knight is, and what he is doing, he also finds himself at odds with his twin. Could the cost of survival be just too high?

When Courage Came to Call is a thrilling, chilling read set in a fictional city, in an unspecified time, but with a familiarity which adds to the impact of the scenes which unfold. The sixteen year old hero and his twin brother witness terrible scenes, coping by drawing on unknown courage and on the friends around them. Young readers will be drawn to the familiarity of Imm’s past, and its chilling contrast with his new reality.

A first novel from a teen author with a big future.

When Courage Came to Call

When Courage Came to Call, by LM Fuge
Random House, 2010

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