The Vulture of Sommerset, by Stephen M Giles

‘NO!’ It came from the front of the house and stopped them all dead. And then…
The cry seemed to grow like a wave, rolling down the vast corridor and crashing into the kitchen. the voice was unmistakable. Time seemed to float. Fearful looks were exchanged.
‘Aunt Rosemary,’ whispered Adele.
They raced from the kitchen, her scream still ringing in their ears.

Adele, Isabella and Milo are happy living at Sommerset House, which they inherited when their evil, but wealthy, uncle died. But when their beloved Aunt Rosemary disappears mysteriously after a disastrous dinner party , their lives are thrown into chaos. Milo battles demons, and bad dreams, Isabella battles her own vanity and a maid who seems to always get wrong, and Adele battles to hold everything together and solve the mystery of her aunt’s disappearance. It will take all their combined courage and skill to overcome the odds and save Aunt Rosemary before it is too late.

The Vulture of Sommerset is a sequel to Silas and the Winterbottoms and will appeal especially to readers who have read the first title. A blend of mystery, gothic adventure and humour will satisfy upper primary readers.

The Vulture of Sommerset

The Vulture of Sommerset, by Stephen M Giles
Pan Macmillan, 2010

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