Monkey Red Monkey Blue, by Nicki Greenberg

Monkey Blue and Monkey Red
just don’t feel like going to bed…
Let’s have a midnight feast instead!

The house is quiet and everyone is asleep except for Monkey Blue, Monkey Red and their friend Chameleon, who is quick to suggest a midnight feast. Soon the monkeys are feasting pm popcorn, spaghetti, hot dogs, fruit and more – but Chameleon is a little too enthusiastic and soon crash splash splatter splotter there is a big foody mess everywhere.

Monkey Red Monkey Blue is a rhythmic, rhythmic celebration of food and of mess which will delight youngsters and the adults who read it aloud to them. The images, combining illustrations with photographs of real food in a digital collage, are full of detailed chaos, which are a real feast for the eye.

Lots of fun.

Monkey Red Monkey Blue

Monkey Red Monkey Blue, by Nicki Greenberg
Allen & Unwin, 2010
ISBN 9781742374437

This book can be purchased in good bookstores, or online from Fishpond.