How to Talk to Boys, by Dianne Todaro

Inside each of us are the answers to all of life’s tricky questions, especially the one about how we talk to boys. But just like anything we do, the more we practise it the better we become. Talking to boys can be quite different to talking to girls, and I warn that for some of you it may take a little time before you feel totally comfortable, especially if you have a physical reaction to that particular boy who is very cute. I like to call it that ‘gush’ feeling you have when you see him and all ‘smart chick thinking’ ideals somehow fly out the window. Oh boys, the mystery of those good looking, smart, cheeky monkeys! It would be impossible to live without boys, but it can sometimes feel like it is impossible to get to talk to them, too. So let’s ignore all impossibilities and explore all the possibilities in how us girls communicate with boys.

Boys, boys, boys. What is it that changes them from being brats, a nuisance and show-offs to being the ones who makes your tummy flutter and your words desert you? And why can it feel so hard? Is it only you? Well, no it’s not only you. Many girls struggle to make conversation with the same boys that only a short time ago they were best mates with (or enemies). How to Talk to Boys takes a look at why this is the case, interviews lots of girls and gives some suggestions on how to make it easier to get to know this new species. It all boils down to being yourself (once you work out what that is) and communicating in a way that both of you enjoy and understand. Discover the advantages and limitations of the myriad ways you can ‘talk’ to boys. There is also a section on same sex attraction.

It’s supposed to be easy for girls to talk. Isn’t that what girls do most of their waking hours? But of course it’s not that easy and often the chatter of girls is a way of covering up their insecurities and anxieties. Dianne Todaro uses a conversational style to let girls know that it’s not unusual to find it difficult to talk to boys, but also that it’s not difficult to learn how to do it more easily and successfully. Like the companion title ‘How to Talk to Girls’ by Jonathan Toussaint, How to Talk to Boys is full of simple advice, tips and quotes. Practice is the key. There’s also suggestions on what to do if at first you don’t get it perfect, or if the boy you thought was the bee’s knees, turns out to be someone quite different. The text is broken in to chapters, with multiple text types, perfect for dipping into, or reading from cover to cover. Recommended for almost- and new-teens.

How to Talk to Boys

How to Talk to Boys, Dianne Todaro
Allen & Unwin 2011
ISBN: 9781742374383

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s author

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