The Tsunami Book, by Dr Gill Jolly

A tsunami is a water-wave caused by a sudden large movement of the sea floor, or by something like a meteorite disturbing the water surface.
The words tsunami comes from the Japanese words ‘tsu’, meaning ‘harbour’ and ‘nami’, meaning ‘wave’. They are also known as ‘seismic sea waves’, because many are caused by earthquakes. Tsunamis are incorrectly called tidal waves, but they are not caused by tides, which are controlled by the pull of the moon on the sea.

Until a few years ago, most people were unaware that tsunamis existed. If there was a super wave hitting shore, it was mostly known as a tidal wave, even though it was often clear that tides were not responsible. But since 2004, tsunamis and the terrible events that accompany them have become much more familiar in the world. But tsunamis are not new. The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves looks at just what a tsunami is and what causes it. Then it describes tsunamis around the world and the effects they have had on the populations where they occur. The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves includes photos of the aftermath of tsunamis and diagrams of their relative sizes. There is information about volcanoes and speculation about the truth behind the Atlantis stories.

The Wild Planet series of books from Black Dog Books presents factual information in beautifully photographed paperback books. They are generally authored by experts in their field. The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves is no exception. It’s a glossy large format paperback of picture book size, and full of facts and figures presented in engaging bites. It’s both an introduction to non fiction and an alternative choice for readers wanting something different from their reading. Contents, index and glossary are included, and topics are clustered under headings. The photos are dramatic and exciting and present readers with a global perspective on tsunamis.

Recommended for primary readers.

The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves (Wild Planet)

The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves, Dr Gill Jolly
Black Dog Books 2009
ISN: 9781742030913

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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