Lily's Wish, by Barbara Pyett & Serena Geddes

Lily is writing her Christmas list, and it’s quite short. All she wants is to be able to fly. Santa responds, but with no promise that he can fulfil her wish. Lily explains a little more and Santa promises to do what he can. So begins a memorable Christmas. Illustrations are in pencil and watercolour, alive with the spirit of the season.

Christmas can be a fraught time with all media screaming Buy! Buy! Buy! and families trying to balance budgets and joy of the festive season. Lily’s wish reminds readers that not all wishes are about objects, and that in this wide world there are other important wishes. Lily’s Wish offers magic and wonder mixed with an exhilaratingly wild ride through the sky. Recommended for pre-school and beyond.

Lily’s Wish, Barbara Pyett & Serena Geddes
New Frontier Publishing 2011
ISBN: 9781921042829

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author

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