Go Jojo Go! by Tessa Bickford & Jennifer Castles

Go Jojo Go!: A Little Penguin on a Big Swim

On Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean, half way between Australia and Antarctica, a gentoo penguin named Jojo is born. From the moment she first peeps out of the nest she can’t wait to go to sea, but every time she asks Daddoo or Mummoo ‘Am I ready yet?’ they tell her ‘Not yet, little Jojo, not yet’. First she has to get bigger, grow feathers and learn to swim. When at last she is old enough for her first swim, she finds a whole new world just waiting to explore. Now she’s ready for anything.

Go Jojo Go! is the delightful fictionalised story of a young penguin’s early life, told in first person narrative and supported with beautiful photography supplied by the author from her own time on Macquarie Island.

Go Jojo Go! is well balanced between entertainment and education.

Go Jojo Go!: A Little Penguin on a Big Swim, by Tess Bickford & Jennifer Castles

Allen & Unwin, 2012

ISBN 9781743310175