Hey Baby! by Corinne Fenton

Reviewed by Dale Harcombe

Hey Baby!

Occasionally a picture book comes along that is charming from start to finish. From the cute raccoons on the cover, through to the opening page with a wistful looking kitten and through the rest of the animals with their babies, this book is a delight.  The photos are gorgeous and the faces of the various creatures so expressive. You will find everything from spider monkeys and chameleons to a new born duckling, a smiling dolphin, a grinning monkey and lastly two very special pictures.

As the photographs pass though a wide array of animals, the lyrical text is simple yet conveys a lot of meaning, showing how special  and unique each baby is.  This is definitely a book to share with a precious new baby in the family.

At $18.95 this would make an inexpressive yet treasured gift for any parents of a newborn. Given the theme and text with few words this makes it suitable especially for the 0+ age range.  Highly recommended.


Hey Baby! By Corrine Fenton

Black dog Books

An imprint of Walker Books

Hardcover Picture book

RRP $18.95

ISBN 9781742032498