Tempt the Devil, by Anna Campbell

Late afternoon sun flooded her in soft gold and played across her loosely bound tumble of tawny hair. In the clear light, her vivid red dress was like a sudden flame. The effect was worthy of the Theatre Royal
Even he, familiar to ennui with courtesans’ tricks, had felt his breath catch at first sight of her. One glance and the blood in his veins hummed a deep, dark song of desire, and his skin prickled with the compulsion to make her his.

Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith, is in the market for a new mistress. Since his beloved wife’s death he has been determined never to love again, instead taking a string of mistresses to his bed. But when he sees Olivia Raines for the first time, he finds he is not as unaffected as he expects to be. He must have her, whatever the cost. Olivia, too, is affected by her meeting with Erith. In spite of her outward calm, she is drawn to the man in ways she can’t explain – especially when she has vowed to hate all men.

Soon, Olivia is living in the house Erith provides, and their relationship begins – but it doesn’t follow the path either has planned. Olivia is surprised to discover Erith is smarter and more considerate than other men she has met, and Erith discovers Olivia has scars hidden beneath her cultivated exterior. And for both, this relationship is unlike any other each has had before – and impossible to walk away from. But the stakes of continuing their relationship are high, possibly too high.

Tempt The Devil is a steamy regency romance from one of Australia’s finest romance authors, Anna Campbell. Campbell takes us into and behind the scenes of London society of the time, developing relationships and exploring the realities of life in the times – including the unjust impact society’s rules can have on individuals. In the end, though, this is first and foremost a sensuous romance with two likeable characters working against the odds to cement their relationship.

A sizzling read.

Tempt the Devil

Tempt the devil, by Anna Campbell
Avon Books, 2009

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Untouched, by Anna Campbell

‘Sir, would you kindly restrain your language?’ she whispered against his throat. Her breath on his skin set his blood leaping with awareness and it took him a second to realise what she’d said.
He gave a disbelieving snort of laughter. For God’s sake, she had more important things to worry about than his manners. But his hold was careful as he gathered her up and carried her through to the salon.

Grace Paget is in a bad way. Disowned by her family because of a bad marriage, then newly widowed and penniless, she thinks things can get no worse. But then she is kidnapped and made prisoner in a remote country manor, where she is told she must grant the resident lord his every wish, or lose her life. But Grace is not prepared for the feelings that she has for this stranger. He, too, is a captive here and she soon realises he is not the cruel man he would have her believe.

Untouched is a beautiful historical romance, with a bewitching blend of passion, damaged heroes, and a couple working against seemingly insurmountable odds. From new romance sensation Anna Campbell, this second novel cements Campbell’s status as a romance maestro. Those new to the author’s work will find themselves going back to read her first, Claiming the Courtesan, whilst fans of that title will be equally delighted with this one.



Untouched, by Anna Campbell
Avon Books, 2008

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