ABC – A First Board Book, from Scholastic Australia

Parents like ABC books (also called alphabet books) for obvious reasons. It’s nice to think your young one is being educated at the same time he is being entertained. Youngsters like ABC books too – because they are full of bright pictures of things they know. They are able to point at, name and discuss these items, making reading an interactive experience. For older readers there is the thrill of being able to ‘read’ the book themselves by pointing at the pictures and saying the words.

ABC: A First Board Book is a sound example of the alphabet book format. Each letter has a page (or double page spread) of its own, with the letter clearly printed in the corner and several photgraph illustrations of objects beginning with the letter. Each picture is acompanied by its name.

The board book format is ideal for toddlers, with its small size and chunky pages making the book sturdy. The book is also full of bright colours, making it visually appealing.

Good value, at just $5.95 (rrp).

ABC: A First Board Book, from Scholastic Australia, 2004