Grandad's Phase, by Archimede Fusillo

When Grandad gives up playing bowls and takes up playing the conga drums, Mum says it’s probably just a phase. But when he grows his beard long, gets his ears pierced and starts wearing cowboy boots, the family starts to wonder if this is more than just a phase. Dad is especially unimpressed. He thinks Grandad should act his age. Everyone else is growing used to the idea.

Grandad’s Phase is a fun picture book, with the story told in the form of a ‘family project’. The narrator tells his grandfather’s story using diagrams, words and little asides. The use of a lined paper background for every page and handwritten lettering add to the project effect.

With illustrations and silly comments by Terry Denton, this humorous offering will appeal to kids aged 5 to 8.

Grandad's Phase

Grandad’s Phase, by Archimede Fusillo and Terry Denton
Lothian, 2006

Uncorked, by Archimede Fusillo

When Lance finds an old bottle with a note in it on the beach, he is excited. Perhaps the message is a treasure map, or a letter from the grave. He can’t wait to get it home. On the way home, however, he is stopped by the school bully, who takes the bottle from him. The next day at school Lance watches in disbelief as the bully, Colin, shows the bottle and the note to the class, causing great excitement. The note, the teacher says, could well be very valuable.

Colin gives the bottle to Lance, taunting him that he collects junk. Is Lance going to get anything out of all this?

Uncorked is a humorous tale of bullying and friendship. A Quick Reads title from Word Weavers Press, it is likely to appeal to 8-12 year olds, and caters especially for reluctant readers with its digestible length and action-packed plot.

Uncorked, by Archimede Fusillo
Word Weavers Press, 2003