A Strange Little Monster, by Sue Whiting

‘You’re strange, Sasha,’ said Hissy.
‘So very strange,’ agreed Grissy.
Sasha shrugged. She didn’t care.

The monsters of Grotty Hollow are loud and tough – all except Sasha. Sasha would prefer to enjoy the flowers, or a starry night, preferably while playing her flute. Her family think she’s strange, and her parents wonder where they went wrong. But Sasha likes being different.

When Sasha sees a Mountain Troll heading straight for the other monsters, her difference is the very thing that allows her to save them – and show all the monsters that being different can be a good thing.

A Strange Little Monster is a wonderful easy read tale about having the courage to be yourself. Part of the Aussie Nibbles series, the text is complemented by delightful black and white illustrations, by Stephen Michael King, on every spread.

A fun read with a gentle, but important, message.

A Strange Little Monster (Aussie Nibbles S.)

A Strange Little Monster , by Sue Whiting, ill by Stephen Michael King
Puffin Books, 2010

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Pippa's Perfect Ponytail, by Julie Nickerson

Reviewed by Dee White

Anyone who has tried to organise the ‘perfect party’ will know that it’s full of anxious moments.

But Pippa has arranged everything perfectly. She has the perfect party dress, the perfect birthday cake and eight perfect ponies lined up for rides. Now all she needs is the perfect ponytail.

When Pippa’s hairdresser falls sick, she must use all her ingenuity and resilience to come up with the ‘perfect’ solution.

Author Julie Nickerson’s great humour and talent for simplicity are complemented by Janine Dawson’s lively, hilarious illustrations.

This new Aussie Nibble is sure to resound with young readers because of the way it talks to them in such an engaging way about things they can relate to like parties, hair and popularity.

Julie Nickerson uses great dialogue and action to build the tension, and readers will admire the determined, creative way Pippa goes about solving her dilemma.

Pippa’s Perfect Ponytail will resonate with any young reader who enjoys action, a likeable heroine – and a story that makes them laugh out loud.

Pippa's Perfect Ponytail (Aussie Nibbles)


Pippa’s Perfect Ponytail , (Aussie Nibble) by Julie Nickerson, Illustrated by Janine Dawson
Puffin Books – Penguin Group Australia, 2009
PB RRP: $12.95

Reviewer: Dee White www.deescribe.com.au

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S.N.A.G the Sensitive New-Age Gadiator, by Margaret Clark

Reviewed by Pauline Burgess

‘I don’t want to go to gladiator school,’ said Snag. ‘I hate violence. I hate fighting. And I faint at the sight of blood.’
‘Sorry,’ said the chief of gladiators, ‘you don’t have a choice.’

S.N.A.G. the sensitive new-age gladiator is captured and sent to gladiator school to learn to fight and how to be bloodthirsty. Unfortunately, the sight of blood makes Snag faint. When he’s learning to fight, Snag defeats his beastly opponent and now everyone thinks he is fierce. But can Snag win the biggest fight of his life against elephants, lions, tigers, bulls, dogs, chariots and maniacs?

Kids will love Snag because he’s sensitive and wants to play his fife or paint marigolds instead of learning the bloodthirsty sport of being a gladiator.

Margaret Clark once again writes a side-splitting story with a smattering of detail about Roman life and some funny modern day twists.

S.N.A.G the Sensitive New-Age Gladiator is from the popular series of Aussie Nibble books. This book is great for eight to twelve-year-old readers who love a funny story that will keep them entertained until the end.

S.N.A.G the Sensitive New-Age Gladiator, by Margaret Clark, Illustrated by Terry Denton
Puffin Books, 2001.