Maxx Rumble Football Series

It had been close all day. We were down to the last few minutes. They were in front by 4 points.
I was at full-forward. I’d already booted 2 goals…I mean 6…no, make that 9 goals. The Bullies decided to double-team me. That’s when they put two players onto one.
They sent their two biggest players to take me on.

Maxx Rumble loves sport. He loves everything about it – but most of all, he loves winning. As we follow his season playing for the Stone Valley Saints, there are plenty of wins to be had. But it doesn’t all go Maxx’s way. First he is Crunched!, then he is Slammed! and, in the most important game of the season he is Dogged!

Every book of this delightfully funny series pits Maxx against some challenging opponents. The fast-paced, wickedly humorous text of author Michael Wagner is matched by the comic illustrations of Terry Denton on every page.

Likely to appeal to all kids, these offerings will especially work their magic with reluctant readers, who will relish the short length and accessibility of the stories.

Crunched!, Slammed!, Flattened! ,Smashed! ,Twisted! ,Stretched! ,Winded! and Dogged!
All by Michael Wagner, illustrated by Terry Denton
Black Dog Books, 2004