Sheep on a Beach, by P. Crumble & Danielle McDonald

Sheep on a beach.
Umbrella up, towel underneath.

It’s a hot summer’s day and Sheep suddenly finds himself on the beach. Luckily, with a little help from a friendly crab he soon has an umbrella, a towel, even an esky full of cold treats. Is thsi really happening, or is Sheep still the paddock dreaming about the beach?

Sheep on a Beach is a funny, simple celebration of the beach, using cumulative text to tell of Sheep’s adventures on the beach. Because it is cumulative, even very young children will be able to join in, soon recognising the pattern.

The bright digital illustrations are full of fun and details which youngsters will enjoy exploring, The crab is a key character, though he isn’t mentioned in the text and his role seems initially incidental.

Perfect for summertime reading Sheep on a Beach is packed full of giggles.

Sheep on a Beach

Sheep on a Beach, by P. Crumble & Danielle McDonald
Scholastic, 2012
ISBN 9781742833217

Available from good bookstores pr online.