The Brotherhood of Airmen, by David Wilson

The Royal Australian Air Force was formed during World War 1 and in the 90 years which have followed, its members have served on almost every continent and in major conflicts including both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, New Guinea and Iraq.

The Brotherhood of Airmen details the major activities and operations of the RAAF over the past ninety years, looking at the roles not only of the pilots and aircrew, but also the back-up support of the cooks, clerks, drivers, technicians and more.

This book will be valuable to anyone with an interest in Australian military history, or in aviation history. The author, David Wilson, was formerly the executive officer in the historical records department of the RAAF and has written five books about the RAAF.

The Brotherhood of Airmen is a tribute to all that the RAAF has achieved.

The Brotherhood of Airmen, by David Wilson
Allen & Unwin, 2005