Jock and Aramis, by Ewan Battersby and Dianne Speter

n an upper storey chamber in the ancient city of Darrow, Professor Leopold Taras rose from his desk and bowed his head graciously. ‘Once again, I regret that I was unable to help you, Mr Le Faye,’ he said. As he watched his visitor leave the room, the kindly look in Taras’s eyes slowly faded and was replaced by an expression of dark desire. ‘Le Faye.’ He frowned. ‘It cannot be coincidence.’

When Aramis arrives in Bedlington, he carries a mysterious and important object. He is befriended by Jock, who saves him from a thief and soon the pair find they are being watched. To unlock the mystery they must travel to an isolated region known as the Wain, where they realise they must act to save the world as they know it.

Jock and Aramis is a fantasy adventure filled with animal characters both likeable and shady. Young fans of the genre will be drawn into Jock and Aramis’s quest and be keen to learn the significance of the disc which Jock carries.

This is a solid fantasy offering, suitable for readers aged 10 to 12.

Jock and Aramis, by Ewan Battersby & Dianne Speter
Scholastic Australia, 2005