Being You is Enough, by Josh Langley

The voice inside your head is
really a secret superpower!
If you listen, you can hear that
voice telling you all kinds of stuff.

There are some important things that every kids needs to know – like that the voice inside your ehad can be a really handy tool, even your best friend, and that you should be grateful for the good stuff in your life.

In Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, author/illustrator Josh Langley shares eleven things that kids should know, each a life- affirming message spelt out in simple ways and accompanied with cartoon style illustrations.

Gently humorous but with a lovely message of self-acceptance, Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff is suitable for primary aged children.

Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, by Josh Langley
Big Sky Publishing, 2016
ISBN 9781925275827

The Memory Book, by Neil Curtis

Trying to classify this book is a real challenge – its is partly non-fiction, partly cartoon, partly inpsirational. But perhaps it is not meant to be classified, being, as it is, so different from any other book.

In The Memory Book author/illustrator Neil Curtis chronicles his memories of childhood, from birth till the age of seven. Curtis was born in England not long after the finish of the Second World War, and he and his family emigrated to Australia when he was seven, so these memories are of his childhood in England.

Some of Curtis’ memories are happy – like his recollections of the shop windows glowing like gold in the winter – while others, such as the images of his parents fighting, are sad. Whilst often intensely personal, there are also many memories that others will relate to their own childhoods.

Neil Curtis is an award winning illustrator, his most recent effort, the children’s picture book Cat and Fish, winning Picture Book of the Year 2004 in the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.

The Memory Book is intriguing.

The Memory Book, by Neil Curtis
Allen & Unwin, 2005