Lester and Clyde's Catastrophic Adventure, by James Reece

Two frog friends, Lester and Clyde, live together in a beautiful pond. Although they are very different – with Lester being mischievous, and Clyde wise – what ties them together is their friendship. They look out for each other.

When summer comes, the pair are faced with new perils – as their pond dries up in the summer heat, they have to avoid predators – birds and lizards, looking for a feed and, most frightening, a feral cat which stalks them.

The pair decide to take turns keeping watch, but one morning Lester wakes to find Clyde gone and footprints nearby. He worries that he’ll never see his old friend again.

This is the third picture book sharing the adventures of the loveable Lester and Clyde and the talents of their creator, James Reece. Reece’s rhyming verse is cute and the story has a delightful message, but it is the illustrations which make these books particularly special. The froggy features of the stars and the detials of their environment are delightful.

A tresure.

Lester and Clyde’s Catastrophic Adventure, by James Reece
Scholastic, 2003