Tess and the Star Traveller, by Jane McKay

When a Star Traveller named Elkon accidentally sets the wrong coordinates for his hoverfoil he ends up in Tess’s pencil case, in Perth, Western Australia, instead of on the Super Nova in Gemfren. This is not good for Elkon – he’s going to be in lots of trouble – but it is great news for Tess, who likes having something exciting happening to her.

As luck would have it, Elkon is able to put his unscheduled visit to Earth to good use. It seems there is a nasty Triloboid around. Triloboids are nasty creatures that steal people’s wishes, and Elkon wants to hunt this one down and put an end to his mischief. Tess agrees to help him in his quest.

Tess and Elkon finally track the Tiloboid down, but he has a few tricks of his own to try out – and it looks like he may outsmart them. Tess learns that being a superhero is not all fun and games, but at the same time she has the biggest adventure ever.

Tess and the Star Traveller is an illustrated junior novel which, at 45 pages, would make a good early novel for those making the transition from picture books. Youngsters will enjoy the adventure, although they may find the style a little awkward, with the pace at times thwarted by asides filling the reader in on aspects of Triboloids and Space Travellers of which they may be unaware. Despite this, this is a fun read.

Tess and the Star Travellers, by Jane McKay
Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2004