Boy, by Phil Cummings & Shane Devries

Boy couldn’t hear the battle cries, but he had seen the fear in his mother’s eyes and felt it in his father’s hands when he held him close.
The battles were loud and long…
but no-one ever won.

Boy lives in silence. Unable to hear, he talks with his hands, though only his parents take the time to understand him. In spite of this, boy is happy. Unfortunately, the rest of the villagers are not. They live near a forest where a fearsome dragon and fierce king have been battling. Every body is in danger, but nobody know why. It takes the wisdom – and peace – of Boy to solve the problem.

Boy is a heartwarming picture book about an unlikely hero who proves his bravery and wisdom. Boy is deaf, and it is this difference which sees him not only have a different view of the world, but also inadvertently put himself in danger. However, instead of running, he tackles the two fighting sides, and finds a way to ask them why they are fighting. The message, of peace and communication, is not over stated, it just is.

Illustrations, rendered digitally with a feel of watercolour, particularly in the landscapes feature expressive human characters, and a whimsical purple dragon. with lots of humorous touches and a pastel colour pallete, with lots of sepia tones, lending a medieval feel.


Boy , by Phil Cummings and SHane Devries
Scholastic Press, 2017
ISBN 9781760277055

Knight Triumphant, by Sally Odgers

Last time he was in Braveria, Simon made a promise to Peggy, the pearly dragon. He vowed to help her find Rifer, the lost Prince of the Dragons. So, instead of helping his stepmother with the spring cleaning, he decides it’s time to head back to Braveria.

Once back in Braveria, however, Simon wonders whether it was such a good idea. Finding Prince Rifer is not easy and devious villain Nasty Nix will stop at nothing to prevent Simon from fulfilling his promise.

The third in the Reluctant Knight Trilogy, Knight Triumphant includes all the favourite characters from the earlier books – Bookerstaff, Princess Becca, Michael the dragonet and Peggy – as well as some new ones. Although fans of the first two books will welcome the publication of the final installment, the book also stands alone, so is fine for those who have not read the first two.

Sally Odgers never fails to deliver great reading. Knight Triumphant is no exception.

Knight Triumphant, by Sally Odgers
Koala Books, 2004